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These are just a selection of the scents that we keep in stock. Other scents can be ordered on request for bespoke candles.

Please head to the CONTACT page to discuss this with us.




Create the perfect ambience for your home with this Lime & Vanilla Candle. Vanilla has the wonderful ability to evoke childhood memories with its warm, milky, comforting scent. Adding a light, clean, citrus topnote to this makes for an incredible, complex scent that is both homely and fresh.





Instantly be transported back to the first days of Summer, when you get to throw the windows wide open and let the fresh, summer breeze chase the winter gloom away, with this delicate, quintessentially English scent. Clean, delicate hints of freesia combined with the soft, warm aroma of ripening pears; this candle is elegant, subtle and absolutely divine!





Anyone that has been to Borthwood Copse when the bluebells are out will know exactly what this candle smells like! For those that have never been, this delightful Bluebell scent instantly transports you to shady, ancient woodland covered in a carpet of delicate, sapphire flowers.





Is there a more decadent smell than the sensuous, butterscotch aroma of burnt sugar? Well, now you can have that smell without the accompanying calories! Indulge your senses with this rich, opulent candle.



NEW FOR 2017!!



Vectis Violet, Luccombe Lime and Freshwater Freesia, all combined into this delightful candle! We made this as a one off scent last year but it was so nice that we decided to add it as a permanent fixture! It smells wondefully fresh and sort of reminds us of Skittles!


We will be regularly adding new fragrance combinations, so please check regularly or, alternatively, why not join our mailing list and keep up to date with our latest news?

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